Monday, June 15, 2009

Women Using Vibrators

We all love to see women using vibrators for sexual pleasure. Vibrators have been around for a very long time. Vibrators and women are a common seen in smut movies and porn magazines. . Everywhere you look there are women using vibrators.

Women using vibrators is now a way of life. Some women worship their vibrators like they are worshiping god. Some women talk to their vibrators, others like to kiss theirs, while others like to carry theirs around every where they go. Many women have named their own vibrators. Vickey, Serena, and KeKe are among some of the names I've heard. Believe it or not, some women love their vibrators like a boyfriend or husband.

Why women use vibrators

Now that you are surprised there are millions of women using vibrators, you may be asking yourselves why do women like using vibrators so much? Well there are many reasons, but here are ten of the main reasons why:

  • Self esteem - Vibrators help them to explore their sexual side. They are able to express themselves sexually the way they want to. This makes them feel good.
  • Stimulation of the senses - Women and their lovers take pleasure in watching her slip a vibrator inside and out of her vagina. This is turns both of them on, and a man really enjoys seeing a woman pleasure herself.
  • Exploration of the sexual anatomy - A woman can explore her insides with a vibrator, and experiment to see what really makes her feel good.
  • Back up - Sometimes during sex, the man may climax faster than the woman. This is where the vibrator can come in and help finish the job. This gives the guy time to get ready for the next round.
  • Vaginal exercise - A vibrator can strengthen kegel muscles and increase orgasms. It can also work in unison with the fingers and tongue for added ecstasy and pleasure.
  • Safe Sex - A women can have safe sex with a vibrator. Always use a condom on your vibrator if you share it with your partner.
  • Abstinence - A vibrator is for women who choose to abstain from sexual activity with a partner. A vibrator makes an excellent replacement for the real thing.
  • On stand by - Vibrators are always ready to go, They don't say no, They never get headaches, They don't spend all their time with the boys and they do exactly what you make them do, and they are at you every beck and call.
  • Finances - There are thousands of women using vibrators for money. The porn industry makes billions of dollars a year, and a huge part of that is due to the many tantalizing scenes and movies depicting women using vibrators.
  • Self-pleasure - Most women use vibrators for one main reason, it just feels good. Women basicley love a good stiff one in them period.

Women vibrators and money

The porn industry makes billions of dollars a year advertising women toys and women using vibrators. There is huge selection of porn to choose from. There is Hardcore porn, Soft porn, Straight porn, Parody, Gay just to name a few. Many pornographic movies depict people of all nationalities, young and old, straight and gay, bi and tri, engaging in sexual acts of all kinds.

There is also a huge selection of adult sex toys, including Dildos, Cock rings, Sex machines, Butt plugs, Beads and kits, Handcuffs, Whips and chains and many more women toys. Adult toys generate huge amounts of money a year around. Next to dildos, vibrators are depicted in porn movies frequently, usually showing women using vibrators.

We are infatuated with vibrators and women who use them. There a many scenes showing a pretty woman massaging her vagina or mouth, or anus, with a vibrator, or letting another person, male or female perform these acts on them. There are thousands of women getting paid good money to use vibrators in front of camera. As long as sex sells it will be exploited for the all mighty dollar. Men and women will continue to pay big money to see other people have sex to please their own sexual desires. Most of all there will always be women using vibrators.